Corner Storage Beds

A friend recently wanted some help creating daybeds for a bonus room. They liked the idea of creating corner storage beds that could be used as seating during the day. We decided to base the plans on inspiration from around the web, but also to add some finishing touches for a more finished look.

It was a pretty straightforward project that would have been even quicker if my drill hadn’t died. The design has a base of MDF with several planks underneath to raise it off the floor. I used 12 inch boards to create the storage sections and topped with another sheet of MDF. After everything was secured, I added the trim pieces and the beadboard to the footboard.

Once the beds were complete, I started on the corner hutch. I based the height of the unit on the width of the doors in their house. I wanted it to be high enough to see the beadboard over the mattress and still be able to get it into the room. The top portion is detachable which allows it to be a little taller

. I built the frame out of pine and MDF. I added the trim and beadboard to the visible parts of the hutch. I filled in nail holes and small gaps, and an initial coat of paint was added onsight.


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