Harry Potter Playroom

When you’re turning two years old and your birthday is a little over a month from Christmas, a place to put your toys is what you need rather than more toys. We decided to spend the weeks between Christmas and his birthday and decorate the play room. My initial idea was for one side of … More Harry Potter Playroom

Corner Storage Beds

A friend recently wanted some help creating daybeds for a bonus room. They liked the idea of creating corner storage beds that could be used as seating during the day. We decided to base the plans on inspiration from around the web, but also to add some finishing touches for a more finished look. It … More Corner Storage Beds

DIY Nonslip Bathmats

Wandering bath mats drive me crazy. My kitchen mat has a nice nonslip bottom, but the bathroom mats, nothing. Thomas and Graham will play in the bathroom while I’m getting ready and leave the mats a mess. Constantly setting them back in place is not one of my favorite things. Luckily I have extra caulk … More DIY Nonslip Bathmats

DIY Tile Tray

A while ago I was wandering around an antique shop and stumbled on a few sheets of old tile. I instantly fell in love and purchased every piece they had. They only had about 8 sheets; not quite enough to complete any large projects. However, after a lot of thought, I decided to make a … More DIY Tile Tray

Our Wedding

Alex and I were married in November of 2014. After 11 years of dating, we finally tied the knot. We decided make and collect everything I could. Everything included the flowers, table decor, ceremony decor, tableware, invitations, signs, thank you gifts, and lawn games. Our main colors were mint, teal, and gold. Of course, like … More Our Wedding