Starfleet Maternity Uniform

Unfortunately, my Yeoman Rand uniform was a little too small while I was pregnant. Obviously, I needed a Starfleet maternity uniform, and Samantha Wildman seemed like the perfect choice.

Voyager’s Samantha Wildman’s Maternity Uniform

I purchased a Katarra8 pattern for a women’s Voyager jumpsuit and modified it into two pieces. Luckily there are images of B’Ellana’s and Samantha’s actual Voyager maternity uniforms I could use to base my modifications on. I couldn’t find the exact color I wanted, so I needed to dye the blue fabric to match.

For the pants, I followed the pattern but gave it a very low waist. I purchased a black belly band and used it as the waistband for the pants.

I followed the pattern shoulders and neckline, and using B’Ellana’s top as a guide, I added length and width to the waist.

The collar is a purchased dickie, but it fit more loosely than I would have liked, and I ordered the pips and badge off Etsy.

Overall, it felt like wearing pajamas. So comfortable.

Samantha Wildman Maternity Cosplay
Samantha Wildman Maternity Cosplay

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