Rita Repulsa Cosplay Update

After wearing my Rita Repulsa costume the first time, I noticed a couple pieces that could use some improvement. The vest in particular had used sticky Velcro to attach the chest armor, and body heat caused it to pull apart. The bottom of her staff was also not supported enough and started bending after a few wears.

I decided to make a more structured vest to attach the armor. I used Wonderflex to create the base of the vest, and since the armor was made of Worbla, it was easy to join it together. I covered the form with an adhesive black faux leather. Wanting to be able to keep armor part intact, I added side button snaps. I’ve ventured out now several times with the new vest, and it holds up much better.

For the staff, I removed the bottom. I found that an old Swiffer duster handle was the perfect length and shape to replace the foam bottom. I did use Worbla to adjust the shape slightly. After painting it black, I added the gold accents. Like the vest, this is holding up much better than the previous build.

Graham helping

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