Talia Winters Babylon 5 Cosplay

This post is a bit overdue, and I’ve been meaning to post it for a while… Alex and I love Babylon 5 and the character designs throughout. While I would love to make one of the more complex characters, I didn’t have a great deal of time but still wanted to commit to it. I decided to do Talia Winters. Most of her outfits are skirt suits with unique collars, and I loved the one with the flipped black lapels.


It was pretty straight forward outfit, and I felt my hair was close enough to not need a wig. I found a suit pattern and lengthened it to just below my knee.

I used black fabric for the lining in the jacket so the lapels would be black when folded. It took a couple mockups of the flipped collar to get the length right. I ended up safety pinning strategically inside the collar to keep all the folds in place.

I had cheated a little and purchased the Psi Corps badge from a vendor at Dragoncon. After the suit and badge, I just needed black gloves, tights, and shoes. It’s impossible to find driving or winter gloves in stores in August. After two failed Amazon shipments of gloves the week before the con, I had to use some old dark brown gloves that fell apart about an hour into the day. I ended up finding a temporary pair from a vendor, but I’ve planned ahead now and have a real pair for the next wear. Afterall she needs her gloves!

Talia Winters Cosplay
Babylon 5 Psi Corps Cosplay

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