Harry Potter Playroom

Harry Potter Playroom

When you’re turning two years old and your birthday is a little over a month from Christmas, a place to put your toys is what you need rather than more toys. We decided to spend the weeks between Christmas and his birthday and decorate the play room.

My initial idea was for one side of the room to be more quidditch themed and then a castle area on the other side. We painted quidditch area a bright blue and used glow and the dark paint to add a patronus for each of us. I found a stone wallpaper to use on the castle walls. It was my first time wall papering, and it was just a little crooked finished, so I used some old curtains to drape at the top.

For the Triwizard tent, we purchased a PVC tent pattern and modified it slightly so the door would be on a different side. The tent cover was self-drafted using the final measurements of the structure.

We made a quidditch game board out of 4” PVC behind a wooden frame. Thinking this would be fun for my son, I’ve found the adults will sit in front of it throwing balls at it more than the kids. It’s harder than it looks though.

My mom had an old beaten up Thomas the Tank table that my husband painted cream and red. He led the art direction of the map, and I helped him fill in the details.

My favorite part of the room is the fiber optic star window. I purchased the 3 panel window off Etsy and found a website that allows you to see a map of the stars at a particular date, time, and location. I laid the map out on the panels and started the tedious process of drilling all the holes. Once upon a time, I’d had plans of putting stars in his ceiling, but we never got around to it, so we still had the fibers and light kit.

After all the fibers were placed, I put a drop of glue in each hole to help keep them in place. Not wanting the fiber bundle to show, I used a cable management holes in the wall to run the fibers closer to the outlet and LED box. Once everything was up, we used nail clippers to trim the fibers. I love the twinkling effect and the ability to change the colors.

Here’s to hoping he grows up to like Harry Potter!

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