First Post

Welcome to Doxies and DIY! My name is Kelly, and I’m so excited to be starting this blog and sharing my craft projects with you. My husband, Alex, and I were married in 2014, and we have been crafting everything we can since. We have two rescues, Sir Thomas and Graham. Sir Thomas is our handsome short haired dachshund and mostly likes to nap in our laps under a blanket when he’s not causing trouble. Graham is our very sweet and very clumsy dachshund mix. Graham stays very interested in whatever project I’m working on and likes to make himself comfortable on top of the supplies. He thinks he’s helping.

Sir Thomas
Graham helping

Since purchasing my first house, we have tackled a great deal of different types of projects. We enjoy pretty much any DIY project from building furniture to paper crafts to sewing. Filling our home with personal objects and meaningful furniture is our goal. I’m looking forward to sharing these projects on this blog and learning to create new things as well.

Thanks for visiting!

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