Rita Repulsa Cosplay Update

After wearing my Rita Repulsa costume the first time, I noticed a couple pieces that could use some improvement. The vest in particular had used sticky Velcro to attach the chest armor, and body heat caused it to pull apart. The bottom of her staff was also not supported enough and started bending after a … More Rita Repulsa Cosplay Update

Rita Repulsa Cosplay

After ten thousand and (and 23) years, I’m free! It’s time to conquer Earth! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were a huge part of my elementary school life. I loved the yellow ranger, and I knew I wanted a costume from the show. Instead of being a Ranger though, I decided to create Rita Repulsa. … More Rita Repulsa Cosplay

Twin Peaks Cosplay

Alex and I are a little obsessive when we like something, and we both really like Twin Peaks. I cannot wait for the new season! I’m also in love with Norma’s diner dress and decided to make it for Dragon Con. I figure making costumes is a pretty good way to get to start learning how … More Twin Peaks Cosplay