Starfleet Maternity Uniform

Unfortunately, my Yeoman Rand uniform was a little too small while I was pregnant. Obviously, I needed a Starfleet maternity uniform, and Samantha Wildman seemed like the perfect choice. I purchased a Katarra8 pattern for a women’s Voyager jumpsuit and modified it into two pieces. Luckily there are images of B’Ellana’s and Samantha’s actual Voyager … More Starfleet Maternity Uniform

Rita Repulsa Cosplay

After ten thousand and (and 23) years, I’m free! It’s time to conquer Earth! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were a huge part of my elementary school life. I loved the yellow ranger, and I knew I wanted a costume from the show. Instead of being a Ranger though, I decided to create Rita Repulsa. … More Rita Repulsa Cosplay

Twin Peaks Cosplay

Alex and I are a little obsessive when we like something, and we both really like Twin Peaks. I cannot wait for the new season! I’m also in love with Norma’s diner dress and decided to make it for Dragon Con. I figure making costumes is a pretty good way to get to start learning how … More Twin Peaks Cosplay