Twin Peaks Cosplay

Alex and I are a little obsessive when we like something, and we both really like Twin Peaks. I cannot wait for the new season! I’m also in love with Norma’s diner dress and decided to make it for Dragon Con. I figure making costumes is a pretty good way to get to start learning how to sew.


I started by rewatching almost every episode to get a full view of the dress and shoes. Then the hunt for a base dress pattern that was close started. After one failed attempt, I found a vintage pattern that was really close, McCall 8137. The most frustrating part was finding a blue that matched all my expectations and eventually had to settle.

McCall Pattern 8137

I added the white bias tape to the collar and sleeves. I used the same fabric for the bias tape as the embellishment on the pockets and apron. This was the first time I used the button hole attachment on the sewing machine, and it was pure magic.


I learned a lot of lessons while making this dress, and if I made it again, I would include the skirt pockets. Overall, I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I am working on improving Alex’s Leo costume. What he really wants to complete the look is a wheelchair to get pushed around in all day, but that’s not going to happen. He does tend to get a little sweaty, so the paper hat and streamers somewhat “melted” on him. I had an extra supply of streamers stowed in the cherry pie purse, but he needs something a little more water resistant. I plan to make some fabric streamers and a plastic hat out of worbla for the next wear.

giphy (2)

To complete the look, I found a blonde wig that was close to my hair color and Norma’s. I used my hair for the bangs in order to make it look a little more natural. The cherry pie purse is made from felt to carry Alex’s backup streamers, snacks, phone, lipstick, and a wallet. I also found a really cute coffee pot at the thrift store to carry coffee (actually Coke). It’s a lot cheaper to fill it up with Coke in the room than to buy it there. Target had a little black watch that was close to Norma’s and sunglasses for Alex. Nine West had the nude pumps on sale. In our group we also had an uncanny Sheriff Harry Truman and a beautiful Agent Cooper.

Twin Peaks – Agent Cooper, Norma, and Harry
Twin Peaks – Norma and Leo


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