DIY Silk Flower Crowns

Tales of the crystal board game
This year for Christmas Alex gave me a gift from my childhood, Tales of the Crystals. I loved this game as a little girl, but it was unfortunately taken away by my parents because of the magic and evil in it. Which is a little funny now due to my obsession with Harry Potter. Anyway, Alex found a complete game on Ebay, and I didn’t think it would be right to play without fully prepping for it. Since you get to wear some amazing crystal necklaces in the game, I figured flower crowns would be a perfect accessory.

Finished flower crowns

Alex and I went to Michaels to pick out a selection of flowers. He picked out some coral and blue colors, and I choose a red orange arrangement. To keep it simple and easy we purchased a garland to use for the base.

I wrapped the garland around our heads to determine the length we could both use (his head is huge, and luckily we only needed one garland). Using twist ties I wrapped the ends together. For my crown, I wanted the green base to be wrapped tightly, so I bound it together using some wire. All of the flowers were then hot glued in place and used to cover any exposed wire.

This is the base for the crown. I used white wire to wrap it tightly

Alex wanted his to be larger and much more loose, so I lightly bound everything using the wire. Leaving some of the leaves and branches partially unbound. His arrangement included one large flower and a lot of little ones that were also glued in place.

I glued the flowers to Alex’s crown while he played on his computer. This is his focused face

After everything was perfect, and after we found a tape player, we finally played. It was just as wonderful as I remembered. Alex was such a sport and really got into it too.

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